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  • Candle Crest Jar Soy Candles

    Hand poured soy candles in rich fragrances and long lasting burn times available in all your
    favorite candle scents and sizes. Candle Crest soy candles have an incredible scent throw and
    will last longer, burn cleaner and burn more evenly which means no more black candle jars!
    Candle Crest Jar Candles are available in 5, 10, 16 and 25 ounce sizes.

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    * Click an Image to Enlarge or Order


    Peach Scented Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Like a fresh ripe
    peach picked right off the

    View More Details

    Lavender Martini

    Lavender Martini Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Where a gin martini
    meets Lavender. This
    delicious fragrance starts
    with tangy...

    View More Details

    Caribbean Teakwood

    Caribbean Teakwood Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A masculine masterpiece
    loved by both men.
    This fragrances starts
    with leather, amber & musk
    followed by middle....

    View More Details

    Baby Powder

    Baby Powder Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Reminiscent of
    Johnson's Baby Powder
    Clean and fresh...

    View More Details

    Sweet Strawberry

    Sweet Strawberry Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Mouthwatering fresh picked
    strawberries with a
    sprinkle of sugar...

    View More Details

    Honeydew Melon

    Honeydew Melon Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A classic!
    Bursting aroma of fresh
    cut honeydew with hints
    of green apple...

    View More Details


    Magnolia Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    This is a well
    rounded with top
    notes of mandarin,
    ylang ylang, grapefruit,....

    View More Details

    Just Ducky™

    Just Ducky Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Bye Stress!
    Slip away in a
    warm bubble bath.
    A relaxing and clean ...

    View More Details

    Violet Bliss

    Violet Bliss Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A soothing medley
    of sweet violet
    blossoms with touches....

    View More Details


    Carnation Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    One of your favorite
    flowers is now
    available in our
    candle line ...

    View More Details

    Ocean Breeze

    Ocean Breeze Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Best Seller!
    The fresh clean scent of a
    warm ocean breeze...

    View More Details


    Cashmere Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Like the popular
    perfume, this candle offers
    sensual & exotic spice...

    View More Details

    Flowering Dogwood

    Flowering Dogwood Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Ahhh, the Spring scent
    of flowering dogwood
    in full bloom.
    This amazing candle....

    View More Details

    Honeysuckle Jasmine

    Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    An incredibly rich scent
    of fresh blooming
    honeysuckle with a hint
    of jasmine....

    View More Details

    Salted Caramel Apple

    Salted Caramel Apple Soy Candle by Candle Crest

    Warm melted salted
    caramel drizzled over
    ripe juicy apples...

    View More Details

    Love Spell

    Love Spell Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A customer favorite!
    Infused with luscious citrus,
    cherry blossom, hydrangea,
    apple and peach...

    View More Details

    Raspberry Lemonade

    Raspberry Lemonade Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A Summer delight!
    Just like a cool glass
    of raspberry lemonade on
    a warm Summers day...

    View More Details

    Under the Boardwalk

    Under the Boardwalk Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    The perfect blend of
    the warm ocean
    with tones of

    View More Details


    Hydrangea Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    The fresh Spring scent
    of Hydrangeas in full

    View More Details

    Fresh Cut Grass

    Fresh Cut Grass Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    You asked us for
    this scent and here it
    is -The aroma of fresh...

    View More Details

    Caribbean Escape

    Caribbean Escape Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Pina Colada Anyone?
    A "take me away" aroma
    of fresh sliced pineapple
    vanilla and....

    View More Details


    Patchouli Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A deep woodsy aroma
    with earthy undertones...

    View More Details


    Pearberry Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    An incredible fresh
    fruity blendof pears, melon,
    pineapple and raspberry....

    View More Details

    Fresh Linen

    Fresh Linen Candles by Candle Crest

    The fragrance of freshly
    washed linen hanging in
    the warm summer breeze......

    View More Details

    Dragons Blood

    Dragons Blood Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A year round favorite!
    An earthy fragrance
    infused with cedarwood,
    orange and patchouli along
    with a hint of spice....

    View More Details

    Smokin Sex™

    Smokin Sex Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A customer favorite!
    A fall in love fragrance.
    A tropical fruity citrus blend
    you are bound to fall
    in love with...

    View More Details


    Cedarwood Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Ahhh just like the
    scent of fresh cut
    cedarwood. If you..

    View More Details

    Lemon Squeeze™

    Lemon Squeeze Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A true to life aroma
    of fresh squeezed lemons.
    A clean and airy....

    View More Details

    First Love

    First Love Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    This fragrance offers
    rich ambers along with
    woodsy undertones of...

    View More Details


    Applewood Candles by Candle Crest

    Not quit the classic
    ocean breeze fragrance
    that you may think
    This candle offers....

    View More Details


    Jasmine Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A exotic blend of
    freshly cut Jasmine
    flowers with a base
    note of rose petals...

    View More Details

    Mystical Bamboo™

    Mystical Bamboo Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A soothing combination
    of bamboo, foliage and
    relaxing green florals....

    View More Details

    Romantic Sunet™

    Romantic Sunet Candles by Candle Crest

    An exotic sexy masculine
    fragrance that is modeled
    after the popular European
    Darkkar cologne....

    View More Details

    Grapefruit & Mint

    Grapefruit & Mint Candles by Candle Crest

    The perfect blend of
    tangy grapefruit with
    just the right amount
    of mint....

    View More Details

    Orange Blossom

    Orange Blossom Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    This is a fragrance
    that you know well
    if you live in the ...

    View More Details

    Green Clover & Aloe

    Green Clover and Aloe Soy Candle by Candle Crest

    A fragrance that
    will kindle your senses
    with the freshness
    of nature...

    View More Details


    Gardenia Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    You asked us for
    this scent and here it
    is -The aroma of fresh...

    View More Details


    Mimosa Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Who doesn't love a good
    Mimosa? This candles spakles
    with fresh fruits of..

    View More Details

    Skinny Dippin'™

    Skinny Dippin' Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Capture the warm
    ocean breeze along
    with hints of....

    View More Details

    Cucumber Melon

    Cucumber Melon Soy Candles by Candle 

    A light refreshing scent
    honeydew melon along
    with ripe cucumber....

    View More Details

    Sex on the Beach

    Sex on the Beach Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A perfect reflection of
    the classic mixed drink.
    Fresh blends of ripe pineapple,
    citrus orange and tart cranberries......

    View More Details

    Orchid Rain

    Orchid Rain Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Modern and spa-like.
    You will be tantalized
    by the unique ...

    View More Details


    Sunflower Scented Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    A light floral
    scent that offers
    a summery...

    View More Details

    Forest Greens

    Forest Greens Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Everything a walk in
    the woods can bring.
    Fresh notes of cedarwood...

    View More Details


    Chanel Chance Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Just like the popular
    perfume, this designer
    fragrance embraces....

    View More Details

    Fireside Crackle™

    Fireside Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Just like a summer's
    campfire. Notes of cederwood
    cedarwood, musk and ....

    View More Details

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    About Candle Crest Soy Candles

    Most of the candles you find today in your local department stores are made of paraffin, a petroleum based product.You most likely purchased these candles because they smelled nice. What you probably didn't know was that the Environmental Protection Agency warned that burning paraffin candles emits small but harmful amounts of toxins in the air (such as benzene and toluene, affirmed human carcinogens) and are considered a cancer risk with extended exposure.

    As candle lovers we ventured into the candle industry to find an alternative to paraffin candles. Our goal and purpose was to offer a candle that lasted longer, smelled great from start to finish and was a healthier alternative to paraffin. After months of research and experimenting Candle Crest SOY CANDLES came to life. In addition to offering a fantastic candle we also developed a GREEN Product!

    Candle Crest offers a complete line of soy candle products such as Apothecary Jar Soy Candles which can be found in 5oz, 10oz, 16oz and 25oz sizes.Our Soy Candle Country Collection is designed in the popular mason country jars. Another popular product is our Soy Travel Tin Candles - the perfect solution for travelers and a great gift idea! Available in 8oz and 4oz sizes.

    Our Soy Tarts come in a 6 cube pack unit and are approximately 3.5oz, simply perfect for tart warmers. Soy Tealights are also available and soon we hope to offer all of our fragrances in soy votive candles as well. For now, you can find some of our Soy Votive Candles here: Votive Soy Candles. For those of you who love Unscented Candles or candles without color added we also offer White Soy Candles.

    Candle Crest Reed Diffusers are available in two large sizes, 4oz and 6oz. We have hand selected the finest fragrance oils and do not add alcohol to our oils like most reed diffusers that are made in China. Our Reed Diffusers can be found in our most popular fragrances. We are always adding more scents to our list of reed diffusers so check back often to see what's new!

    Benefits of Soy Candles

    BURNS CLEANER: Soy candles are non-toxic and will burn cleaner and last longer than traditional petroleum paraffin candles.

    NO BLACK JARS, WALLS OR CEILINGS: Since Soy wax is a natural product (made from soybeans) soy candles burn cooler than paraffin candles, produce little to no soot which means your jars, walls and ceiling will not turn black. Soy candles are also better for people with allergies or asthma.

    BURNS COOLER & LAST LONGER: Soy wax candles burn cooler than paraffin candles and at a lower temperature which allows soy candles to retain their scent for the life of the candle and last much longer.

    BIODEGRADABLE: Since soy wax is made from soybeans it is biodegradable and water-soluble.

    HEALTHIER: Candles made with 100% soy wax do not release the petroleum-based pollutants that paraffin candles do which means cleaner air for you, your family and your pets to breath.

    HELPING LOCAL FARMERS: Soy wax comes from farmers right here in the United States which helps the U.S. economy.

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