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  • Speciality, Designer & Custom Soy Candles

    Below is a collection of our speciality, designer and custom candles.
    All candles posted in our "Speciality Candle Collection" are available for
    purchase while supplies last. The "Custom Candles Collection" showcases some
    of our most recent custom candle requests. Feel free to contact us if you would like
    us to create custom soy candles for you as well.

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    What a UNIQUE Gift!!

    Beer Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Click Image to Enlarge

    Beer Mug Soy Candles

    These 16oz beer mug soy candles are scented
    with what else - beer! They are topped with
    whipped soy wax to give these candles the
    ultimate beer mug look, feel and aroma of the
    real thing!

    Due to the fact that soy wax burns cooler and
    cleaner, these beer mugs can be reused after
    your candle is done! Simple wash out with warm
    soapy water and enjoy your favorite beverage!
    How cool is that!?

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    Blueberry Muffin Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Blueberry Muffin Soy Candles

    These 5oz square jar candles are scented with
    delicious Blueberry Muffin oil and topped with
    wax blueberries that look as real as can be!

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    Large Coffee Cup Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Click Image View ALL Styles

    Our Largest Coffee Mug Candle!

    These large coffee cup soy candles are
    scented with delicious hazelnut coffee and
    topped with whipped cream (whipped soy
    wax) and coffee sprinkles. They come in
    six different styles to choose from.
    View all six designs here

    Due to the fact that soy wax burns cooler and
    cleaner, these coffee cups can be reused after
    your candle is done! Simple wash out with warm
    soapy water and enjoy your favorite beverage!
    How cool is that!?


    Sold Out

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    Allergy and Sinus Relief  Soy Candles by Candle Crest

    Click Image to Enlarge

    Sinus and Allergy Relief

    Symptoms such as head pressure, stuffy nose
    or even congestion can weigh you down and put
    a quick stop to an otherwise good day. Don't let
    these sinus or cold issues interrupt your life.
    Our advanced sinus relief candle has a pleasant
    vapor action aroma that can fill your room quickly,
    helping aid some relief from that aching head
    pressure, your stuffy nose and even congestion

    Available in several sizes!

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    Pet Odor Eliminator Soy Candles, Air Fresheners and Aroma Beads by Candle Crest

    View all our Odor Eliminator Fragrances

    Special Formulated
    Pet Odor Eliminator Products

    "Montana Sunshine"
    Ahhhh A pet owners dream! Unlike other sprays
    and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, our
    advanced formula used in these products will
    eliminate unpleasant and embarrassing odors

    Candles are available in several sizes!

    Select Product Choice

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    Custom Candle Designs

    Below is a showcase of past custom candles we have designed.
    Feel free to contact us if you have a special occasion you would like to shout
    out about in an all new sort of way!

    Custom Birth Announcement Candles - Shout out your exciting news in an all new sort of way!
    Custom Birth Announcements
    Special Order Martini Soy Candles by Candle Crest Soy Candles
    Special Martini Candes
    Custom Label Candles. Your photo on our Soy Candles - How cool is that?
    Custom Label Candles

    Candle Baskets built around your needs and desire
    Candle Baskets
    The Perfect Gift All Year
    These candles are perfect for business promotional gifts, birthdays, retirement, weddings and so much more!
    Wedding, Retirement, Business
    Any Special Ocassion
    Need a custom soy pillar candle? We can help!
    Custom Pillar Candles
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    About Candle Crest Soy Candles

    Most of the candles you find today in your local department stores are made of paraffin, a petroleum based product.You most likely purchased these candles because they smelled nice and the color was perfect, then you lit it... within minutes you can see the black residue (soot) rising from the lit wick staining the jar or container. Every time you relight that paraffin candle you not only further blacken the jar but also may blacken your walls, ceilings, vents or AC units. Now imagine that same soot being inhaled into your lungs. Who needs that?

    As candle lovers we ventured into the candle industry to find an alternative to paraffin candles. Our goal and purpose was to offer a candle that lasted longer, smelled great from start to finish and was a healthier alternative to paraffin. After months of research and experimenting Candle Crest SOY CANDLES came to life. In addition to offering a fantastic candle we also developed a GREEN Product!

    Candle Crest offers a complete line of soy candle products such as Apothecary Jar Soy Candles which can be found in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 25oz sizes.Our Soy Candle Country Collection is designed in the popular mason country jars. Another popular product is our Soy Travel Tin Candles - the perfect solution for travelers and a great gift idea! Available in 8oz and 4oz sizes.

    Our Soy Tarts are approximately 1oz and the perfect size for tart warmers. Soy Tealights are also available and soon we will be offering a complete fragrant line of Votive Soy Candles. For those of you who love Unscented Candles or candles without color added we also offer White Soy Candles.

    Candle Crest Reed Diffusers are available in two large sizes, 4oz and 6oz. We have hand selected the finest fragrance oils and do not add alcohol to our oils like most reed diffusers that are made in China. Our Reed Diffusers can be found in our most popular fragrances. We are always adding more scents to our list of reed diffusers so check back often to see what's new!

    Benefits of Soy Candles

    BURNS CLEANER: Soy candles are non-toxic and will burn cleaner and last longer than traditional petroleum paraffin candles.

    NO BLACK JARS, WALLS OR CEILINGS: Since Soy wax is a natural product (made from soybeans) soy candles burn cooler than paraffin candles, produce little to no soot which means your jars,walls and ceiling will not turn black. Soy candles are also better for people with allergies or asthma.

    BURNS COOLER & LAST LONGER: Soy wax candles burn cooler than paraffin candles and at a lower temperature which allows soy candles to retain their scent for the life of the candle and last much longer.

    BIODEGRADABLE: Since soy wax is made from soybeans it is biodegradable and water-soluble.

    HEALTHIER: Candles made with 100% soy wax do not release the petroleum-based pollutants that paraffin candles do which means cleaner air for you, your family and your pets to breath.

    HELPING LOCAL FARMERS: Soy wax comes from farmers right here in the United States which helps the U.S. economy.

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